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Leighton Schuck

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Direct: 850-807-0159

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More About Leighton:

See that handsome guy to the left? That would be me. I’m Leighton Schuck. I began my time on this earth in Florida and I have never left. My wife and I have been blessed with three amazing boys.

Three Words That Describe Me:
Compassionate. Sincere. Caring.

Favorite Things To Do When Not At Work:
Our three boys keep us extremely busy when we aren’t working. We do find time to relax, and we love being outdoors. Whether it’s playing in the water at the beach or hiking through the woods, we always look for new adventures with the boys to make memories that they won’t soon forget

What I Like Most About Helping People Find the Right Insurance Plan Options:
I have always had the mindset that I should help others, and I thank my parents for that trait. When someone inquires about insurance, the options and differences among policies can be daunting. I enjoy educating clients so they understand what they are enrolling in and how it can benefit them. I love it when my clients have their “Aha” moment and everything becomes clear to them.