Our Plans Start with People

At Policy Guide, we genuinely want to get to know our clients so we can guide them on the right insurance path.

Selecting policies, particularly Medicare, can feel daunting, especially if you’re new to the process. Do I need a Medicare Supplemental plan? How much will it cost? Can I get help with prescription medication?

The more we understand our clients and where they’re coming from, the better we can help answer these and other complicated questions.

On the same note, we think you should know a little about us and our story!

A Small Business Grows

Policy Guide founders Mark Prip and Matt Kiggins didn’t set out to build an insurance business. They kind of fell into it. Mark entered the industry in 2003 as a newlywed selling Florida Blue out of Pensacola. Five years later, Matt and his wife, decided to move to town from Nashville. The two joined forces professionally and haven’t looked back.

The turning point in their business happened after the financial crash in 2008. Mark and Matt decided to test the Internet to sell insurance. With an online presence, they could reach more people and make the whole process easier for clients. Clients could now have those critical insurance conversations from the comfort of their homes, rather than coming into an agency or having agents go to them.

Policy Guide was officially born in 2009, and they quickly learned their hunch was right. More and more customers turned to Policy Guide for its convenient online option. Mark’s father, Niels, also joined the team, and proved to be a major asset to the company. In their first year, all three agents ranked in the top 10 for Florida Blue.

A few years later, Policy Guide shifted its focus to Medicare. While others didn’t think the senior market would be comfortable with a virtual agency, Policy Guide felt otherwise. Again, they guessed right. Medicare beneficiaries had no trouble finding them online and were grateful to turn to Policy Guide for its trusted insights and honest advice.

Their team truly find a purpose and joy in helping people work through Medicare options. They appreciate getting to know them, their circumstances and their needs. As they like to say, they’re not in the business of selling insurance. They’re in the business of selling solutions.

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