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Mark Prip

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888-857-0983 ext.100


Insurance Licenses & Lines of Authority

Mark Prip is the producer appointed to oversee Policy Guide, Inc.


Every agent representing PG holds a state-issued producer license for the states they serve.

Alabama 198722
Alaska 103923
Arizona 7519514
Arkansas 7519514
California 0G13904
Colorado 313228
Connecticut 7519514
Delaware 7519514
Florida E051889
Georgia 750980
Idaho 342199
Illinois 7519514
Indiana 694117
Iowa 7519514
Kentucky 751189
Louisiana 415296
Maine PRN167608
Maryland 2071122
Michigan 7519514
Minnesota 40242703
Mississippi 10178790
Missouri 8046575
Montana 742735
Nebraska 7519514
Nevada 694284
New Hampshire 7519514
New Jersey 1180214
New Mexico 7519514
North Carolina 7519514
Ohio 1129601
Oklahoma 40060167
Oregon 7519514
Pennsylvania 625680
Rhode Island 3000115531
South Carolina 7519514
South Dakota 40495824
Tennessee 1005680
Texas 1489201
Vermont 748419
Virginia 633591
Washington 726790
West Virginia 7519514
Wisconsin 7519514
Wyoming 210211

Companies Mark Works With:

More About Mark:

I began working in the insurance industry in 2003, young and newly married. I really had no deep understanding of what insurance was or how it even worked. However, after being married for just three short years, I was eager to find a unique opportunity that allowed me to help people and make a decent living while allowing my wife to move toward staying home with our future children (she, by the way, is an amazing woman homeschooling our two daughters, and we have an amazing life together).

So, I dove in. I started out in the health insurance space with some “no name” companies that I quickly realized did not have the client’s best interests in mind. I was introduced to a colleague (now a lifelong friend) in the area who worked for Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida (now Florida Blue). That connection marked a huge change in direction for my career, entirely for the better.

I acquired, in partnership with my brother-in-law Matt Kiggins, a Florida Blue agency in 2009. In 2015, we decided to expand our reach to clients who live outside the state of Florida. Fast forward 17 years, and here I am, still working with Florida Blue. We are now licensed to offer four nationwide companies in more than 40 states and have polished an efficient and trustworthy method of servicing our clients online and over the phone – without losing the personal touch people value when making these big decisions.

Three Words That Describe Me:

Compassionate. Creative. Caring.

What I Like Most About Helping People Find the Right Insurance Plan Options:

Over time, I have discerned my passion: Marketing to people who need assistance for real-life situations…people who do NOT want a pushy salesman. I personally hate to be sold anything! In my experience, I will ask for help with a buying decision once I have decided what I need. I do not enjoy being told what I need by someone else.

For this reason, as technology progressed, I dove into online marketing. My goal was for people to find us when they needed help, not the other way around. I now manage all of our marketing channels across 40+ states, promoting our agency to people who are already looking for the companies and products we offer.

Our clients want comfort and convenience, coupled with a knowledgeable and caring agent who can help them navigate the complex world of insurance. After all, insurance is an essential component to protect our finances and assets. We help by educating people and providing guidance within the ever-changing web of options available, all from the comfort of their own homes. We’re also pretty funny too. 🙂 We also make sure to inject our sense of humor to lighten sometimes complicated and serious discussions.