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Matt Kiggins

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888-857-0983 ext.101


Insurance Licenses & Lines of Authority


Matt Kiggins is the producer appointed to oversee Policy Guide, Inc.


Every agent representing PG holds a state-issued producer license for the states they serve.


Alabama 755279
Alaska 3001965232
Arizona 9559070
Arkansas 9559070
California 0H72252
Colorado 519936
Connecticut 9559070
Delaware 3001965305
Florida P116762
Georgia 3072590
Idaho 932489
Illinois 9559070
Indiana 3799890
Iowa 9559070
Kentucky 911784
Louisiana 709135
Maine PRN419941
Maryland 3001965303
Michigan 9559070
Minnesota 40593901
Mississippi 10859393
Missouri 3001965230
Montana 100159294
Nebraska 9559070
Nevada 3191612
New Hampshire 9559070
New Jersey 1623228
New Mexico 9559070
North Carolina 9559070
Ohio 1439768
Oklahoma 100254887
Oregon 9559070
Pennsylvania 790297
Rhode Island 3001965331
South Carolina 9559070
South Dakota 40642669
Tennessee 2331396
Texas 1585860
Vermont 3001965244
Virginia 822139
West Virginia 9559070
Wisconsin 9559070
Wyoming 322182

Companies Matt Works With:

More About Matt:

Well, for starters, I have always genuinely loved God and loved people. Everything else has stemmed from this throughout my life. I have never met a stranger. I enjoy listening…and talking, and I am grateful to share life with those around me. Also, I laugh a lot even if it’s at my own expense.

I am incredibly blessed to have married my dream girl. She is loving, compassionate, fierce and strong, and she is my best friend. She is also the mother of our three wonderful children: Parker, Emme and Levi. Each day provides its own unique challenges, but they sure make life fun!

My wife and I met in Florida, and our children are born and raised here. As my father-in-law has said so many times, “I’m not from Florida, but I got here as quick as I could.”

Three Words That Describe Me:

Compassionate. Optimistic. Grateful.

Favorite Things To Do When Not At Work:

Though I love what I do for a living, my work takes a backseat to my family. We love all things beach. We like spending time on the boat, hanging out at Sand Island, surfing, fishing, and playing in the sand.

I also love old cars, cruising with the windows down and the Beach Boys playing in the background.

What I Like Most About Helping People Find the Right Insurance Plan Options:

One thing is for sure, becoming an insurance agent was not on my list of dream jobs as a kid. We just kind of fell into it. Similarly, I often joke with clients, “I bet you woke up this morning dreaming about dealing with insurance today, huh?” That’s always good for a laugh. Haha.

Let’s face it, insurance is often something we all dread to discuss. It’s messy. It’s complicated and the topic creates a lot of opportunities for distrust.

I guess that’s what makes it enjoyable. Having the chance to help educate individuals on their options and simplify the process is really rewarding, even if that individual doesn’t end up becoming a client. We live by the motto, “Do what’s right just because it’s right, and everything else will work itself out.” And all of these years later, that still rings true!