Does Cigna Cover SilverSneakers?

No, Cigna does not cover Silver Sneakers. However, many of their plans include a similar program called Silver&Fit. Learn more about SilverFit, how it resembles SilverSneakers, and how to enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan with this benefit.

How Are Silver&Fit and SilverSneakers Similar?

Cigna Medicare’s Silver&Fit resembles SilverSneakers benefits in several ways:

  • The program offers access to over 15K fitness facilities nationwide.
  • Members get a fitness membership that affords them access to any of the facility’s basic amenities, including fitness machines, exercise classes, saunas, and more.
  • In addition to local fitness centers, members can use an online program to access workouts and classes. The online service has live-streamed and archived videos.
  • The fitness program lets members request a home fitness kit, which includes resistance bands, weights, and a fitness tracker. The home kit allows members to improve their fitness without leaving home.
  • The Silver&Fit app lets members use an app on a tablet or smartphone to access live and archived classes and other resources. Members can use the app at home or the gym.
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How Much Does Silver&Fit Cost?

Cigna Medicare plan members don’t need to pay anything extra to participate in Silver&Fit. The plan will include membership with the monthly premium. In addition, the fitness centers can’t charge additional fees for using their basic amenities.

Members also won’t pay extra deductibles or copays to participate in the fitness program. Insurers offer benefits like these to attract members and help them stay as fit and healthy as possible. At the same time, they can help seniors improve their fitness, stay engaged, and meet new people with similar goals.

Is Silver&Fit or SilverSneakers Better?

These two plans offer very similar benefits and are likely to vary by the fitness centers available in your local area. Local gyms, YMCAs, and other high-quality fitness centers often participate in both Silver&Fit and SilverSneakers.

What's The Bottom Line?

Plans that include Silver&Fit or SilverSneakers as plan benefits will help you reach your fitness goals, gain valuable health-related information, and socialize with like-minded Medicare recipients. To verify if your current health plan uses Silver&Fit, you can use their convenient plan locator tool.

You should consider your healthcare needs and preferences when you compare Medicare Advantage plans. One of our Medicare insurance agents can help you select the Medicare plan that best suits your medical requirements and the way you prefer to receive healthcare services.


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