Medicare Plan N Reviews: It Ranks #2

Medicare Supplement Plan N is an excellent option for individuals who want extensive coverage and the freedom to choose any network provider.

Introduced in 2010, Medicare Supplement Plan N has received positive feedback for its comprehensive coverage.

According to a review study by, Plan N is the second most popular Medicare Supplement plan, with over 1,484,704 enrolled nationwide after Plan G.

Plan N is standardized, which means the benefits are consistent across all Medigap insurance companies.

Because the benefits are standardized, focus on the insurance provider premiums rather than the benefits provided.

Key Features of Plan N:

  • Plan N offers consistent benefits year after year.
  • There are no network limitations with Plan N.
  • Plan N has lower premiums compared to Plan G and F.
  • This plan is offered by 64% of Medigap providers.
  • As long as you pay your premiums on time, your Plan N policy is guaranteed for life.

The growing interest in Plan N speaks volumes about its value to Medicare beneficiaries. Given its extensive coverage and budget-friendly premiums, an increasing number of people are opting for Plan N as their go-to Medicare Supplement.

Comparing Plan N with Other Medigap Plans

Comparing Plan N with other popular Medigap plans like Plan G and Plan F can help you better appreciate its value. Each Medigap plan offers different levels of coverage and cost, which can influence your decision-making process.

By understanding the unique features of each plan, you can determine which best meets your healthcare needs and budget.

Plan N vs. Plan G

Medigap Plan G offers comprehensive coverage for Part B excess charges, while Medigap Plan N does not. Plan N requires you to pay copayments or coinsurance for certain services, such as doctor and emergency room visits; again, Plan G pays 100% of these areas.

Plan N vs. Plan F

Both Plan N and Plan F are popular Medicare Supplement Insurance (Medigap) plans, but they differ in the coverage they provide. Plan F is known for its comprehensive coverage, encompassing all Medicare Part A and Part B deductibles, coinsurance, and excess charges.

However, Plan N does not cover Part B excess charges and requires a small copayment for certain office and emergency room visits. This plan may be better for those seeking a balance between cost and coverage.

How Much Does Medicare Plan N Cost?

In 2024, the average monthly cost of Plan N will fall between $110 and $180.

It’s important to note that the monthly premium for Plan N can range from under $75 to $150-$180, depending on the state.

Considering these factors and comparing rates among insurance companies, you can find the most affordable and suitable Plan N coverage for your needs.

The cost of Plan N can vary based on location, age, gender, and tobacco use.

Benefits of Medicare Supplement Plan N

Medicare Supplement Plan N provides coverage for a variety of medical expenses, including:

Emergency Room Visits

Under Plan N, beneficiaries must pay a copayment of up to $50 for each emergency room visit unless the visit results in an inpatient admission.

Doctor’s Office Visits

Doctor’s office visits under Plan N may require a copayment, typically $20.

Hospitalization and Skilled Nursing Facility Care

One of the critical aspects of Plan N’s comprehensive coverage is its provision for hospitalization and skilled nursing facility care. Plan N pays for the entire Medicare Part A coinsurance expense. Moreover, it provides an extra 365 days of hospital costs after the lifetime reserve days have been used.

Additionally, Plan N provides complete coverage for skilled nursing facility coinsurance, allowing beneficiaries to remain in a skilled nursing facility for up to 100 days without incurring any costs for medical bills. This comprehensive coverage ensures that beneficiaries can access the necessary care and support during their hospitalization or stay in a skilled nursing facility.

Foreign Travel Emergency Care

Another critical aspect of Plan N’s coverage is its foreign travel emergency care provision. Under Plan N, beneficiaries receive 80% coverage for emergency care outside the United States or its territories.

Furthermore, Plan N has a lifetime maximum of $50,000 for foreign travel emergency care and a deductible of $250. This coverage ensures that beneficiaries can access emergency medical care while traveling abroad, providing peace of mind and financial protection.

What Medicare Supplement Plan N Does Not Cover

We will examine the restrictions of Plan N’s coverage in this section, covering aspects like:

  • The Medicare Part B deductible
  • Emergency room visits are not covered at 100%
  • Doctor’s visits are not covered at 100%
  • Part B excess charges

By understanding these exclusions, you can better assess whether Plan N provides the coverage you need to meet your healthcare needs and budget.

Part B Deductible

One notable exclusion in Plan N’s coverage is the Medicare Part B deductible. For the year 2023, the Part B deductible is $226.

While the Part B deductible may be an additional out-of-pocket cost for Plan N beneficiaries, weighing it against the lower monthly premium and comprehensive coverage, Plan N provides is essential. For some, the trade-off may be worth it, while others may prefer a plan that covers the Part B deductible.

Part B Excess Charges

Medicare Supplement Plan N does not cover Part B excess charges, which can be up to 15% more than the Medicare-approved amount. These charges may be billed by some doctors who do not accept Medicare assignment, resulting in additional out-of-pocket expenses for beneficiaries.

Beneficiaries can visit doctors or providers accepting Medicare assignment to avoid these excess charges.

Insurance Companies Offering Plan N

Various insurance companies offer Medicare Supplement Plan N, with 64% of companies that sell Medicare Supplement Insurance offering this plan.

These carriers have a reputation for providing quality coverage and excellent customer service. By selecting a top-rated carrier for your Medicare Supplement Plan N, you can receive the best coverage and support for your healthcare needs.

Plan N vs. Medicare Advantage

In my opinion, having Plan N is the far better route, and here’s why:

  • Medigap Plan N DOES NOT require prior authorizations; Medicare Advantage plans do.
  • With Plan N, Original Medicare is still the primary payer.
  • With Advantage, your Original Medicare benefits are replaced and administered by an insurance company.
  • The benefits for Plan N remain the same year-over-year, while Advantage benefits can change every year.
  • Plan N has no network limits, while Advantage plans use provider networks you must work within.
  • As long as you pay your Medigap premium, you have your plan for life.
  • With Advantage, the insurance company can terminate your plan if the plan is losing money, forcing you back to the marketplace to find another plan.

Comparing Rates and Choosing the Best Plan N

As previously mentioned, the standardization of Plan N benefits ensures that all plans are equal in terms of coverage. However, it is the rates offered by different companies that vary. It is crucial to compare rates and carriers in order to find the most suitable Medicare Supplement Plan N for your specific needs.

One effective approach is to request several Medicare Supplement quotes from private insurance companies. This allows you to make an informed decision and secure the coverage that best fits your requirements.

Furthermore, collaborating with one of our licensed Medicare agents can help you compare your options and find the appropriate healthcare coverage that fits your budget.


In conclusion, Medicare Supplement Plan N offers comprehensive coverage and affordable premiums, making it an attractive option for many beneficiaries. By understanding the real-life experiences of those who have chosen Plan N, comparing it with other Medigap plans, and considering the factors that affect its cost, you can make an informed decision about whether this plan is the right choice for your healthcare needs.

With its growing popularity and comprehensive coverage, Medicare Supplement Plan N could fill the gaps in your healthcare needs. Explore your options, compare rates, and choose the best plan for your unique situation to ensure you have the coverage you need without breaking the bank.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the disadvantages of Plan N?

    Plan N has the disadvantage of not covering excess charges, and it also requires copays of up to $20 for office visits and up to $50 for emergency room visits that don’t result in an inpatient admission.

  • Is Medicare Supplement Plan N good?

    Overall, Medigap Plan. N is an excellent option for those looking for comprehensive coverage at an affordable price. You’ll be protected from many everyday out-of-pocket expenses and pay less in premiums than other Medigap plans, though you may have some out-of-pocket costs related to your medical care.

    These costs may include copayments for doctor visits, coinsurance for hospital stays, and a deductible for Part B services. However, you’ll still be able to save money overall with Plan N.

  • What does Supplemental Plan N cover?

    Supplemental Plan N covers days 61-90 of a hospital stay in each Medicare benefit period, as well as the $1,600 Medicare Part A deductible, coinsurance for Medicare Parts A and B, three pints of blood, and 80% of any medical costs you have during foreign travel.

    However, it does not cover your Medicare Part B deductible.

  • What is the difference between Medicare Plan N and G?

    The main difference between Medicare Supplement Plan N and Plan G is that Plan G covers Medicare Part B copayments and excess charges, while Plan N does not.

    As such, with Plan N, you are responsible for covering these expenses out-of-pocket.

  • How much does Medicare Supplement Plan N cost on average?

    The average cost of Medicare Supplement Plan N in 2024 is estimated to be between $120 and $180 monthly.

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