What's the Best Medicare Supplement Plan in Alabama?

Regarding affordability, ACE Insurance Company provides the best Medicare Supplement plans in Alabama. Plan G is the best price at $120.25 per month in Baldwin County. Meanwhile, Plan N is priced at a competitive rate of $90.08 in Madison County.

ACE offers guaranteed renewable Medigap plans in Alabama. Our ACE Medicare Supplement Insurance Review found that ACE’s premiums are, on average, 7.5% lower than those of other providers. 

ACE offers policyholders a maximum discount of 7% on their household premiums. ACE is also known for its exceptional customer service.

Over 185,897 residents in Alabama benefited from Medicare Supplement coverage. This accounted for approximately 35.6% of the traditional Medicare beneficiaries in Alabama. On a national scale, Medigap was utilized by 40.9% of traditional Medicare beneficiaries. Over 40,266 people enrolled in Plan G, and over 10,000 selected Plan N.

Let’s take a closer look at costs and coverage.

Cheapest Plan G Rates: ACE

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Cheapest Plan G Cost in Baldwin County, AL:
Female Ages:

65:  $107.00

70:  $108.83

75:  $129.25

Male Ages:

65:  $120.25

70:  $122.42

75:  $145.42

Plan G Overview:

These plans come with affordable monthly premiums, fast underwriting, household discounts, and high customer satisfaction.

ACE’s Medicare Supplement Plan G is popular for many beneficiaries seeking comprehensive healthcare coverage. This plan covers most of the out-of-pocket costs associated with Original Medicare Parts A and B, significantly reducing the financial burden of healthcare services.

It includes coverage for hospital and nursing facility coinsurance, doctor’s office visits, and outpatient medical services. In addition, Plan G covers Medicare Part B excess charges, a benefit not found in many other supplement plans.

Lastly, ACE’s reputation for excellent customer service ensures members receive the help and support they need to navigate their healthcare journey.

Cheapest Plan N Rates: ACE

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Cheapest Plan N Cost in Madison County, AL:
Female Ages:

65: $80.08

70: $83.08

75: $98.58

Male Ages:

65:  $90.08

70:  $93.42

75:  $110.92

Plan N Overview:

ACE’s Plan N requires a small copayment for certain office visits ($25) and emergency room visits ($50). Plan N does not cover the Medicare Part B deductible or Part B excess charges, which means you are responsible for paying these costs yourself.

Regarding network freedom, Medicare Advantage, and Medigap present two distinct options. Medicare Advantage plans often operate within a specific network of healthcare providers. Patients may be required to get referrals to see specialists and could pay more for services outside the network.

On the other hand, Medigap Plan N provides more flexibility. With any Medigap plan, you can see any doctor or healthcare provider that accepts Medicare, offering greater freedom to choose where and from whom you receive medical care.

Top Medicare Supplement Companies in Alabama

The overall best Medigap provider in Alabama is ACE.

Here’s why:

  • Variety of Plans: A wide range to choose from.
  • Nationwide Coverage: You’re covered no matter where you go.
  • Competitive Rates: An excellent value for your money.
  • Stable and Reliable: ACE is a trusted provider with satisfied customers.

We analyzed financially stable Medigap insurance companies that are well established to determine the optimal Medicare Supplement provider in Alabama.

Typically, newer insurance companies do not offer lower rates and often increase prices more frequently. Selecting reputable and reliable brands to save money and prevent issues is advisable.

Plan G
Plan N
Cost by CountyFinancial
ACE Insurance Company0.08%$130.42$97.75BlountA+
Aflac Insurance Company0.02%$131.17$97.18CherokeeA+
Allstate Health Solutions0.01%$136.01$100.15PerryA+
Cigna Health Group3.49%$141.95$97.34CalhounA
Continental Life Insurance Company(Aetna GRP)3.12%$157.77$93.21EtowahA
Mutual of Omaha9.03%$168.28$98.67MorganA+
Accendo (CVS and Aetna affiliate)3.12%$178.26$105.29ShelbyA
Cigna National Health Insurance Company Standard II

There are ten standardized Medicare Supplement plans in Alabama with identical coverage, regardless of the chosen company. Some areas may offer a high deductible Medigap option.

Most plans have no networks, allowing you to visit any provider accepting Original Medicare. To simplify selecting an insurance company, compare costs and policyholder satisfaction ratings for an apples-to-apples comparison.

How Much Does a Medigap Plan Cost in Alabama?

Premiums for a Medicare Supplement plan in Alabama can cost as little as $44 or as high as $230, depending on your age and the level of coverage you choose.

Medigap PlanMonthly CostCost by CountyEnrollment in Alabama
Plan F$139.33Limestone33%
Plan G$120.25Montgomery22%
Plan N$90.08Houston6%
High Deductible G$44.05Mobile1.8%
Plan A$110.95Elmore0.2%

How to Compare Medigap Plans in Alabama

Here are a few tips:

  • Evaluate your healthcare needs and budget.
  • Compare prices.
  • Analyze policyholder satisfaction ratings.
  • Seek expert advice.

Follow these steps to make an informed decision that suits your needs and budget.

How Do I Apply for Medicare?

  • Check eligibility at medicare.gov.
  • Collect ID and proof of residence.
  • Contact Social Security or go online/phone/in-person to apply.
  • Fill out the forms with the required personal information correctly and completely.
  • Send the application with any needed documents.
  • Monitor app status and follow up if necessary.

For a successful process, submitting all information and documents promptly is essential. Plus, review the official guidelines on Medicare’s website for any updates or details not included here.

Bottom Line

With years of experience in the industry and a track record of assisting numerous individuals in obtaining coverage, we have developed a deep admiration for ACE. Our clients who opt for their services tend to remain loyal for an extended period, and it’s not without good reason – ACE is a solid choice.

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