Best Medicare Supplement Plans in Georgia

Allstate offers the best Medicare Supplement plans in Georgia in terms of affordability. They offer the best Plan G rates at $141.37 per month in Fulton County, and Plan N has competitive rates at just $106.80 in Cobb County.

Our Allstate Medicare Supplement Review found:

  • Premiums are 12% more affordable on average
  • Up to a 25% stackable discount is available
  • Excellent financial ratings
  • User-friendly web access
  • Wide range of Medigap coverage options

Policyholder perks include:

  • Access to the Active&Fit fitness program
  • Guaranteed renewable policy for life
  • No referral requirement for specialists
  • Nationwide coverage with Medicare-accepting providers
  • 30-day trial period

Additionally, Allstate offers dental insurance policies with three coverage levels and a 10% discount when paired with a Medicare Supplement plan.

Best Plan G Rates: Allstate

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Plan G Overview:

The benefits offered with Allstate’s Medigap Plan G are vast and include Part B excess charges, Medicare Part A deductible, and Part B coinsurance. Moreover, no referrals are required, or any networks limit your choice of providers. You can pick any medical provider if they participate in the Original Medicare network.

Plan G Helps Pay the Following:
  • Original Medicare coinsurance
  • Part A deductible
  • Foreign travel
  • Part B excess charges
  • Emergency care
  • Lower out-of-pocket expenses overall
Average Medigap Plan G Cost in Fulton County, GA:
Female Ages:
  • 65: $125.15
  • 72: $140.17
  • 76: $155.58
Male Ages:
  • 65:  $134.30
  • 68:  $144.17
  • $170.42

Best Plan N Rates: Allstate

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Plan N Overview:

Medigap Plan N from Allstate allows you to visit any doctor that accepts Original Medicare. Your benefits are set each year if you choose this plan, and it has a copay of $25 for office visits and a $50 copay for ER visits. You also have the option to add dental and vision insurance to cover additional needs.

Plan N Helps Pay the Following:
  • Original Medicare Part A and B coinsurance
  • Part A deductible
  • Emergency care
  • Lower out-of-pocket expenses overall
Average Medigap Plan N Cost in Cobb County, GA:
Female Ages:
  • 65:  $91.13
  • 70:  $103.00
  • 75:  $116.42
Male Ages:
  • 65:  $104.79
  • 70:  $115.92
  • 75:  $131.00

When searching for the best Medicare Supplement plan in Georgia, we focused on financially viable options only from established companies. Newer insurance companies may not necessarily offer lower rates and can often increase prices. Sticking with well-established and reliable brands is recommended to avoid any issues and unnecessary expenses.

What Are the Best Medicare Supplement Companies in Georgia?

The overall best Medigap provider in Georgia is Allstate.

One of the reasons why Allstate Medigap plans are prevalent in our review process is that they are generally more affordable in Georgia. However, the best Medicare Supplement company for you depends on the specific plan letter you are looking at.

For instance, a particular company may offer a cheaper Plan N. At the same time, another provider may have a more reasonably priced Plan G. Each company has its strengths and weaknesses depending on its plan levels.

Plan G
Plan N
Cost by CountyFinancial
Allstate Health Solutions0.01%$141.37$106.80BartowA+
Cigna Health Group2.44%$143.07$100.62GwinnettA
Continental Life Insurance (Aetna GRP)9.38%$160.27$104.79ChathamA
Mutual of Omaha18.27%$176.29$115.61ClaytonA+

In Georgia, ten standardized Medigap plans offer the same coverage, regardless of the insurance company selected. Furthermore, there may also be a high deductible Medigap option in some areas. Most plans don’t have networks, so you can visit any healthcare provider accepting Original Medicare. To simplify selecting an insurance company, compare the costs and policyholder satisfaction ratings to make an informed decision.

Medigap Plan Cost in Georgia

Premiums for a Georgia Medicare Supplement plan can cost as little as $44 or as high as $160, depending on your age and the level of coverage you choose.

Medigap PlanMonthly CostCost by CountyEnrollment in Georgia
Plan F$160.49Cherokee30%
Plan G$143.07Forsyth58%
Plan N$100.62Henry7%
High Deductible G$44.73Hall1.2%
Plan A$124.63Richmond0.27%
Plan K$63.75Muscogee0.26%

Does Age Affect Medigap Prices in Georgia?

Medigap policies in Georgia follow an issue-age cost structure. This means premiums are determined based on the age at which the policy is initially purchased. Once you secure a policy, your premium will remain unaffected by age.

This pricing model in Georgia distinguishes itself from other states that rely on community-rated or attained-age factors for determining premiums. It is worth noting, however, that premiums may still increase due to factors such as inflation or other relevant changes.

Helpful tips:

  • The younger you are, the less you’ll pay for your premium.
  • If switching insurance providers, the premium for your new policy will be determined by your age at the time of application.
  • Multiple factors, including the level of coverage, your health condition, and your tobacco status, can influence the price of a Medigap plan.

Final Verdict

When you are looking for health insurance, it is essential to understand what your overall needs are. This will help you determine which Medicare Supplement insurance plan fits you best. We can help you with this process by providing facts and information to help you decide.

Key takeaways:

After years in the industry and helping countless people find coverage, we have come to love Allstate above the rest. Our clients who choose them often stay with them for a long time because they are simply that good.

Regarding value and enrollment speed, Allstate can’t be beaten; They also have an excellent track record for paying claims quickly.

Ready to Learn More?

Choosing the right Medicare plan is not a decision that should be taken lightly. With Policy Guide’s assistance, you will have access to the knowledge and expertise of professional agents who can help you compare different health plans, prices, and policies to ensure that you make an informed decision. Let us guide you through this process so your chosen plan best suits your needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • When is the best time to enroll in a Georgia Medigap plan?

    Apply during your six-month Medigap open enrollment period. This one-time period automatically starts the month you turn 65 and enroll in Medicare Part B. You can buy any Medigap policy sold in Georgia during this time, even if you have health problems.

    You can still buy a policy after this enrollment period. Still, it may be more expensive because insurers will look at your health condition when underwriting the policy, including preexisting conditions.

    Check with your insurance agent to clarify deadlines and enrollment periods.

  • Is there a Medicare Supplement olan in Georgia that covers everything?

    If you became eligible for Medicare before Jan. 1, 2020, Plan F offers the most comprehensive coverage. Plan G typically provides more coverage than other options if you become eligible after that date.

  • Is Medigap Plan F better than Plan G?

    Medigap Plan F is the most comprehensive Medicare Supplement insurance plan. However, it is important to note that eligibility restrictions do apply to this plan.

  • What is the average cost of Medicare Supplement Plan G in Georgia?

    Premiums for Plan G can range from $143 – $176 monthly for a 65-year-old male nonsmoker living in GA.

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