Best Medicare Supplement Plans in Arizona

When it comes to the best-priced Medigap plan, ACE Insurance Company offers the best Medicare Supplement plans in Arizona. Plan G costs an average of $135.83 monthly in Maricopa County and provides the most comprehensive coverage, and Plan N rates are competitive at just $94.33 per month (on average) in Pima County.

ACE provides guaranteed renewable Medigap plans in Arizona. According to our ACE Medicare Supplement Insurance Review, ACE offers premiums that are, on average, 7.5% lower than those of other providers.

Policyholders can enjoy a maximum household premium discount of 7% with ACE, and the company is renowned for its exceptional customer service.

In Arizona, there are currently over 351,769 residents who are reaping the benefits of a Medicare Supplement plan. Among these plans, Plan G has attracted enrollment from more than 122,932 individuals, while over 24,910 people in the state have selected Plan N.

Let’s take a deeper look at these two plans.

Best Plan G Rates: ACE

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Average Medigap Plan G Cost in Maricopa County, AZ:
Female Ages:

65:  $120.75

70:  $125.92

75:  $142.67

Male Ages:

65: $135.83

70:  $141.75

75:  $160.58

Plan G Overview:

The benefits offered with ACE Medigap Plan G are vast and include Part B excess charges, Medicare Part A deductible, foreign travel, emergency care, and Part B coinsurance.

Moreover, no referrals are required, and there are no networks to limit your choice of providers. You can pick any medical provider if they participate in the Original Medicare network.

Best Plan N Rates: ACE

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Average Medigap Plan N Cost in Pima County, AZ:
Female Ages:

65:  $83.83

70:  $90.25

75:  $102.00

Male Ages:

65:  $94.33

70:  $101.58

75:  $114.83

Plan N Overview:

Medigap Plan N from ACE allows you to visit any doctor that accepts Original Medicare. Your benefits are set each year if you choose this plan, and it has a copay of $25 for office visits and a $50 copay for ER visits.

We analyzed Arizona’s established and financially secure Medigap insurance companies to find the best Medicare Supplement plans. It’s worth noting that newer companies may offer lower rates, but may increase prices more often. Choosing well-established and trustworthy brands is an excellent way to save money and avoid issues down the line.

Who Is the Best Medigap Provider in Arizona?

The overall best Medigap provider in Arizona is ACE.

ACE is a popular provider in Arizona for Medigap plans as they tend to be cheaper. But it’s important to note that the best Medicare Supplement company varies based on the specific plan letter you’re interested in.

For example, one carrier may offer a more affordable Plan N. At the same time, another company may have lower rates for Plan G. Each company has its benefits and drawbacks based on its different plan levels.

Plan G
Plan N
Cost by CountyFinancial
Allstate Health Solutions0.02%$131.61$100.47GrahamA+
Aflac Insurance Company0.38%$132.13$97.84GreenleeA+
Cigna Health Group1.70%$144.18$103.23PinalA
United Healthcare44.96%$136.45$96.20YavapaiA
Aetna Health And Life Insurance8.51%$140.28$101.54MohaveA
Mutual of Omaha10.85%$146.79$103.18YumaA+

In Arizona, ten Medigap plans are standardized, offering the same coverage no matter which insurance company you choose. Furthermore, there may also be a high deductible Medigap option in some areas.

Most of these plans don’t have provider networks, so you can visit any healthcare provider accepting Original Medicare. Compare insurance companies’ costs and policyholder satisfaction ratings to simplify your decision.

Medigap Plan Cost in Arizona

Premiums for an Arizona Medicare Supplement plan can range as low as $47 or as high as $200, depending on your age and the level of coverage you choose.

Medigap PlanMonthly CostCost by CountyEnrollment in Arizona
Plan F$146.75Coconino42%
Plan G$128.83Cochise35%
Plan N$93.55Navajo7%
High Deductible G$47.25Apache2.8%
Plan A$101.84Santa Cruz0.37%
Plan K$47.56La Paz0.55%

Is a Medicare Supplement Plan Worth It?

A Medicare Supplement plan can be highly valuable for many individuals. A Medigap insurance policy effectively fills the “gaps” in Original Medicare, such as copayments, coinsurances, and deductibles, which can accumulate quickly. Moreover, it offers the convenience of nationwide coverage, ensuring flexibility and peace of mind while traveling within the United States.

Furthermore, it provides the most comprehensive coverage compared to any Medicare Advantage plan. With its rich benefits, no annual benefit changes, no referrals or network limits, and significantly lower out-of-pocket expenses, it truly stands out as the superior choice.

How Does Age Impact Medigap Prices in Arizona?

In Arizona, Medigap policies follow an “Issue-Age-Rated” pricing structure, where premiums are determined based on the age at which the policy is initially purchased. Once you secure a policy, your premium will remain unaffected by your age.

This pricing method benefits younger policy buyers by locking in a lower rate for their coverage. Please note that premiums may still experience increases due to inflation or other relevant factors.

  • Remember:
    • If you change your insurance provider, the new premium will be calculated based on your age at the time of the new application.
    • Several factors, including the coverage level of the policy, your health condition, and whether you smoke, can also influence the cost of a Medigap plan.

Final Verdict

We have extensive experience assisting Medicare beneficiaries in Arizona and understand that there is no one-size-fits-all Medicare Supplement plan.

After years of industry experience and helping numerous individuals find coverage, we have developed a strong preference for ACE. Our clients who choose ACE tend to stick with them for their exceptional quality.

With Policy Guide’s support, you will gain access to knowledgeable agents who can help you compare health plans, Medigap rates, and policies. We’d like to guide you through this process to ensure your chosen plan meets your needs.

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