Best Medicare Supplement Plans in New Jersey

Allstate Health Solutions and Cigna Health Group offer the best Medicare Supplement (Medigap) plans in New Jersey.

In Somerset County, Allstate’s Plan G stands out with a competitive rate of $155.66 per month, while Bergen County residents can access the most affordable Plan N rates with Cigna at just $111.31 monthly.

Allstate and Cigna offer a range of guaranteed renewable Medigap plans in New Jersey. Both companies have outstanding financial ratings and offer attractive household discounts and additional dental, vision, or hearing policies, making them an exceptional option for individuals seeking comprehensive coverage.

More than 496,040 residents in New Jersey are currently benefiting from Medicare Supplement coverage. Notably, 29% of the population has chosen Medigap Plan G, while a slightly lower 18% have opted for Medigap Plan N.

  • $155.66 per month
  • 12% more affordable on average
  • Up to a 25% stackable discount
  • Access to the Active&Fit fitness program
  • $111.31 per month
  • Discount of up to 25%
  • Access to the Healthy Rewards program
  • User-friendly online portal

In our quest to find the best Medicare Supplement plan in New Jersey, we meticulously evaluated financially viable options exclusively from companies boasting long-term financial stability.

It’s important to debunk the misconception that opting for a lesser-known, recently established company with lower initial rates is prudent.

Such insurance providers may unexpectedly increase their prices. To safeguard your finances and spare yourself from unnecessary headaches down the line, opting for a reputable brand that has established a commendable standing within the industry is advisable.

Best Plan G Rates: Allstate

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Plan G Overview:

The benefits offered with Allstate’s Plan G are comprehensive. No referrals are required; you can pick any medical provider as long they participate in the Original Medicare network.

Allstate’s Medigap plans have many attractive features, including household discounts, access to the Active&Fit fitness program, fast underwriting, user-friendly web access, and high customer satisfaction rates.

Allstate also provides dental insurance policies with three coverage levels and a 10% discount when combined with a Medicare Supplement plan.

Plan G Helps Pay the Following:
Average Medigap Plan G Cost in Somerset County, NJ:
Female Ages:

65:  $135.38

70:  $147.33

75:  $174.92

Male Age:

68:  $162.58

70:  $165.67

75:  $196.83

Best Plan N Rates: Cigna

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Plan N Overview:

Medigap Plan N from Cigna allows you to visit any doctor that accepts Original Medicare. Your benefits are set each year if you choose this plan, and it has a $25 copay for office visits and a $50 copay for ER visits.

Cigna also provides convenient options to bundle dental, vision, or hearing coverage for an additional monthly premium as low as $32.

Plan N Helps Pay the Following:
  • Original Medicare Part A and B coinsurance
  • Part A deductible
  • Emergency care
  • Foreign travel medical emergency expenses
  • Other services such as hospice care, skilled nursing facilities, etc.
Average Medigap Plan N Cost in Bergen County, NJ:
Female Ages:

65:  $96.79

70:  $106.84

75:  $126.89

Male Ages:

68:  $116.95

70:  $122.87

75:  $145.93

What's the Best Medicare Supplement Company in New Jersey?

The best overall Medigap providers in New Jersey are Allstate and Cigna.

In general, Allstate and Cigna’s Medigap plans are among the most affordable in New Jersey. This is one of the main reasons they’re the most popular provider in our review process. However, the plan letter you are considering is essential in determining the best Medicare Supplement company for you.

There are ten standardized Medigap plans in New Jersey. Each plan letter will have a set list of benefits regardless of which company you choose. Furthermore, there may also be a high deductible Medigap option in some areas.

For example, you may notice that Plan N is less costly with one company, but Plan G might be more reasonably priced with another carrier. Every company has advantages and disadvantages based on their plan levels.

Plan G
Plan N
Cost by CountyFinancial
Allstate Health Solutions0.01%$155.66$117.68EssexA+
Cigna Health Group2.35%$164.82$111.31BurlingtonA
ACE Insurance Company0.01%$162.58$123.17WarrenA+
Mutual of Omaha7.07%$165.46$112.52MonmouthA+
United Healthcare49.29%$168.87$115.98MorrisA
BCBS of NJ18.05%$159.10$117.72Mercern/a
CVS Group (Aetna)8.65%$173.85$123.45HunterdonA

Considering plan costs and policyholder satisfaction ratings can make selecting an insurance company easier.

How Much Does a Medigap Plan Cost in New Jersey?

Monthly premiums for a New Jersey Medicare Supplement plan can cost as little as $58 or as much as $305, depending on your age and the level of coverage you choose.

Medigap PlanMonthly CostCost by CountyEnrollment in New Jersey
Plan F$185.75Union35%
Plan G$155.66Hudson29%
Plan N$111.31Gloucester18%
High Deductible G$58.51Camden3%
Plan A$134.32Cape May0.94%
Plan K$70.96Sussex0.6%

What Is the Medicare Supplement Open Enrollment Period?

During the Medicare Supplement Open Enrollment Period, which lasts six months, individuals can purchase a Medigap policy regardless of their health status. This enrollment period starts automatically when someone turns 65 or older and enrolls in Medicare Part B. Insurance companies are not allowed to use medical underwriting during this time.

As a result, they cannot deny the sale of any Medigap policy, charge higher rates based on health issues, or impose waiting periods for coverage limitations. We highly advise choosing your Medicare Supplement policy during this optimal time for enrollment.

  • Bonus Tips
    • Tobacco rates will not apply if you purchase Medigap during your Open Enrollment period. This allows individuals to obtain health insurance coverage without facing denials or higher premiums due to tobacco use.
    • Tobacco rates also do not apply in guaranteed issue situations.

Does CMS Regulate Medigap Plans?

Medigap plans, also known as Medicare Supplement Insurance policies, are regulated by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). CMS provides guidelines and standards to which these plans must adhere, ensuring they provide standardized benefits and protect beneficiaries.

It’s important to note that while CMS oversees the overall program, each state has the authority to manage the sale and regulation of Medigap policies within their jurisdiction.

The Bottom Line

  • After years in the industry and helping countless people find coverage, we have come to love Allstate and Cigna above the rest in New Jersey. Our clients who choose them often stay with them long-term; they are simply that good.
  • Regarding value and enrollment speed, Allstate and Cigna can’t be beaten. They also have an excellent track record for paying claims quickly.

Choosing the right Medicare plan is a crucial decision. At Policy Guide, we have extensive experience assisting Medicare beneficiaries. We understand that New Jersey has no “perfect” Medicare Supplement plan. When you work with us, you gain access to the knowledge and expertise of our professional agents.

They will help you compare health plans, Medigap rates, and policy benefits, ensuring you are well-informed. Let us guide you through this process and find the plan that meets your needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • When is the best time to enroll in a Medigap plan in New Jersey?

    During your six-month Medigap open enrollment period, you can apply for coverage. This period commences automatically when you reach the age of 65 and enroll in Medicare Part B. It’s important to note that, regardless of your health, you can select any Medigap policy available in New Jersey during this time.

    While obtaining coverage after this enrollment window is still possible, it may come at a higher cost as insurance providers evaluate your health, including any preexisting conditions, during the underwriting process.

    We recommend you consult your insurance agent to understand the deadlines and enrollment periods.

  • Is there a Medicare Supplement plan in New Jersey that covers everything?

    If you were eligible for Medicare before Jan. 1, 2020, Plan F offers the most comprehensive coverage. However, Plan G typically provides more coverage than other options if you became eligible after that date.

  • Who is the best Medicare Supplement provider in New Jersey?

    Allstate and Cigna offer the best Medicare Supplement plans in New Jersey.

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